Cost & Fees

At 365md™ we provide you the patient a comprehensive Telemedicine (tele = remote, Greek) and Telehealth medical service from the comfort of your own home or while traveling or from anywhere and anytime. Telemedicine is a field of medicine that extends the reach of the both the healthcare provider and patient to allow for the patient to receive safe, secure medical consultations from any location using any or all modes of communication, such as a telephone, the internet, online Chat or video-conferencing. Telehealth also involves the use of Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software’s to allow patients access to their medical records 24/7 via a secure online patient portal. The format of communication depends on the particular situation and your particular health condition(s) or complaint. You will have access to a medical doctor regardless of your geographic location, without need for a clinic visit, all from the comfort of your own home, or even while on the go while traveling. We can provide answers to your general questions, as well as assist you in getting your medications and prescriptions refilled or writing you a new prescription. Your 365md™ physician can teleprescribe medications to a Pharmacy of your choice.